On Target for the Big Reveal



Progress continues at Calvary Church, and happily we are on target to re-open the Sacristy and South Ambulatory for Christmas Eve.  The painters have been busy at work staining all of the woodwork and patching and painting all of the plaster walls.  We had a slight detour last week after Mother Nature unleashed both snow and heavy rain on the roof, resulting in a leak into the powder room.  Thanks to the efforts of the painters and roofers, the leak has been repaired and the ceiling replaced — happily we remain on schedule for our big reveal in just a few short weeks.


A decision was made to re-finish the floors, which were in horrible shape, so now the area is closed off to all foot traffic so that necessary repairs and prep can be done.  With a heavy dose of sanding, some new stain and a few coats of polyurethane, the floors will be spectacular!

Work continues at a fevered pace, and we are all excited for the project to be completed so that everyone can see the transformation.  Stay tuned for the big reveal!


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