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Does the Word “Unique” Describe Your Bathroom?

My last post was all about making your kitchen unique, so how about your bathroom?  I was inspired to write today’s post after I saw a photo of this beautiful bathroom, found in “Colorado Homes and Lifestyles” 2010 Home of the Year.  This image proves that bathrooms don’t need to be sterile or cold.  On the contrary, they can be cozy and inviting, and representative of your own personal style.  Designer Andrea Schumacher of O Interior Design used her clients’ love of travel as inspiration for the space, and Moroccan-themed tiles from Waterworks set the tone.  Elements such as the wooden linen closet, and the herringbone-patterned walnut floor topped with an oriental rug contribute to the warmth and character that exude from this bathroom.  As in any space, carefully selected elements that reflect your own personal style can make any space in your home unique.   

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Make your kitchen uniquely…you!


Adding character and personality to your kitchen is really part of the fun of design.  For me, I would rather my kitchen not look like everyone else’s..I want it to be a true reflection of my personal style.  So, while I have traditional cabinets with a white painted finish, I thought that it would be fun to add a pop of color with some funky light fixtures.  I visited the home of a family friend who had had pendants made by a glass blower in Rhode Island, and when I saw them I knew instantly that they would be the perfect addition to my kitchen.  When I met Eben Horton, owner of The Glass Station, he showed me how the glass shades would be made and then told me that I could pick any color combination that I wanted.  The shape that we selected with the wavy edge would be just the right complement to my angular cabinets and countertops, and the blue & green color, edged with just a bit of red, made them the perfect accompaniment to my white kitchen.  

I am a believer that a kitchen can be both functional and beautiful.  Today we live in our kitchens — they are the central gathering place, and the hub of activity in our homes.  Why not make them beautiful?  We all know that great design comes from taking some risks.  Did I know exactly how my glass shades would turn out?  No.  But did I trust the artist who made them?  Absolutely!  And while my little illustration doesn’t do justice to these glass shades, I can assure you that they are beautiful and fun, while adding character and personality to my kitchen, making it uniquely…me!

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