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Why Put off ‘Til Tomorrow What You Can Do Today?

Circa Lighting
Circa Lighting

Lately I’ve been feeling as though I’ve had so many things going on that I’ve had trouble crossing the finish line with any one of them.  I’m a knitter (a great stress-reliever) and right now I have at least four different projects on the needles, none of which I seem to be able to actually complete.  Some may say that I’m a “process knitter” — that I simply enjoy the process more than the finished product.  When I say that, I know I’m just fooling myself — I love the finished product, too!  The truth is, I guess I just like having multiple things going on at the same time.  The past six months have frankly been like that, too.  With a kitchen and bath design business, a son applying to college, and a fledgling blog that’s received almost no attention at all, I seem to be busy all of the time and yet I keep putting off things that simply can no longer wait.  Last week I checked two boxes off my growing list of to-dos, and when I completed each one I felt like a million bucks.  The first one was to create an ad for my son’s senior yearbook.  Going through pictures and thinking of the past eighteen years has made me both wistful at this milestone and excited about what lies ahead for him.  When I finally selected the photos that I would use and the caption that would accompany them, I felt a tremendous sense of relief.  Why had I waited so long to get that done?  And then, propelled by the momentum generated by that achievement, I decided to tackle the biggest weight that had been sitting upon my shoulders since December…my Christmas cards!  Yes, I mailed my Christmas cards at the end of February, much to the amusement of many of my friends.  A post on Facebook that I wrote shortly after mailing day acknowledged that perhaps sending my Christmas cards in February is a measure of how out-of-control I must be feeling lately!  Well, at least it’s done — another box checked off the ever-growing list.  


Alno Creations
Alno Creations

Truth is, I do enjoy being busy.  The past six months have been exhilarating, and I’ve met so many terrific people and learned so much.  Lately I’ve been helping several people to refresh their kitchens which after several years have simply become dated.  With cabinets and countertops in good shape, sometimes the best way to give your kitchen a face-lift is with a change to several key materials.  Re-tiling the backsplash, changing the plumbing and light fixtures, painting the cabinets and changing out the hardware can all have a meaningful impact on the overall look of your kitchen.  In future posts I’ll show some before and after photos to demonstrate how these changes can dramatically affect your kitchen’s overall appearance.  


Walker Zanger
Walker Zanger

In the meantime, the images that I’ve selected for today’s post should simply serve to get you to begin thinking of which elements in your kitchen you could change that would make your space look just a little bit more current.  Could it be the cabinet hardware or the backsplash tile?  Or would simply replacing the light fixture over your kitchen table be enough to refresh your space and reinvigorate one of the rooms in your home where you likely spend the most time?  Stop putting it off and consider changing some basic design elements in your kitchen — it can have a lasting impact.  Think about it!


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For the Love of Tile


It’s been entirely too long since my last post.  My excuse is simply that life has gotten in the way.  Funny how one of my many jobs as a parent is to teach my children the important life skill of time management.  Perhaps I haven’t been modeling good behavior lately as I’ve quite literally been burning the candle at both ends, and a few things have inadvertently fallen through the cracks.  September is one of the busiest months of the year, and most moms often ask one another “What’s worse:  September….or June?”  Endless meetings for school, requests to shuttle children to sports events, daily household chores and the launch of my kitchen & bath business have swallowed-up the month of September.  And it all came to a head today when I learned that I had forgotten my mother-in-law’s birthday yesterday.  Ah yes, the wheels appear to have come off the wagon.  Happily, October begins tomorrow, and with that I suspect a more normal routine of sorts will ensue.  By October we are generally in a rhythm – the kids with school and sports, and me with work and other commitments.  So, rather than feeling as though my family is spinning out of control, I am hopeful that the chaos of September is behind us, and that we will all start fresh in October!

Lately I have been spending time in tile showrooms sourcing backsplash tile.  I had the great fortune to visit the Walker Zanger showroom and I was so impressed by their beautiful selection.  I have written about tile in previous blog posts, as I’m a believer that tile is a great way to make a statement in both the kitchen and the bathroom.  What struck me during this most recent visit to Walker Zanger was the incredible variety of tile that is available today, and the countless ways these exquisite tiles can be used.  In the kitchen above,  designed by Drawing Dept. of Cincinnati, Ohio, the tile choice is so fresh and modern and makes quite a statement behind the sink.  At first it looks like custom millwork, doesn’t it?

In this bathroom designed by Tatum Brown Custom Homes in Dallas, Texas, tile is used behind the sink in lieu of wallpaper.  What a fantastic way to add both color and texture to arguably the most important wall in the powder room?  Who wouldn’t notice this bold statement when standing at the sink?

While a traditional 3″ x 6″ subway tile is a classic shape for a kitchen backsplash, the use of  hand painted ceramic tile with its depth and variety of color makes this classic shape appear much more current.  This kitchen designed by California-based Fiorella Design demonstrates that subtle color variation can add just the right amount of interest to the backsplash.  
So, here’s to a fresh start to fall and to a renewed enthusiasm for making a beautiful design statement in  your own home.
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Does the Word “Unique” Describe Your Bathroom?

My last post was all about making your kitchen unique, so how about your bathroom?  I was inspired to write today’s post after I saw a photo of this beautiful bathroom, found in “Colorado Homes and Lifestyles” 2010 Home of the Year.  This image proves that bathrooms don’t need to be sterile or cold.  On the contrary, they can be cozy and inviting, and representative of your own personal style.  Designer Andrea Schumacher of O Interior Design used her clients’ love of travel as inspiration for the space, and Moroccan-themed tiles from Waterworks set the tone.  Elements such as the wooden linen closet, and the herringbone-patterned walnut floor topped with an oriental rug contribute to the warmth and character that exude from this bathroom.  As in any space, carefully selected elements that reflect your own personal style can make any space in your home unique.   

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