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Recipe for Success: A Bathroom That Has It All



There are so many ways to make a bathroom fun and interesting.  This bathroom, which was designed for the 2012 San Francisco Decorator Showcase by Tineke Triggs, exemplifies some of the many creative ways to design a unique bathroom.  Even if you have a space that is completely lacking in character and architectural details, you can easily create visual interest by jazzing up some of the basic elements of the space:

  • Pick a statement wallpaper or follow the lead of the bathroom above by stencilling the walls with a favorite pattern
  • Install a fabulous vanity with great hardware, such as the custom-made vanity above
  • If you don’t love the hardware on your vanity, change it up and use something really special
  • Select terrific light fixtures, both on the wall and on the ceiling (if your space permits)
  • Place a statement mirror over the vanity
  • Carefully select a faucet that represents the overall look that you’re trying to achieve
  • Create visual interest by installing a beautiful, patterned tile on the floor
  • Select a great countertop material such as the natural stone top in the bathroom above, which coordinates perfectly with the stone on the floor
  • If your space is lacking in architectural detail, then by all means add it!  Think about installing interesting woodwork such as raised-panel wainscoting, picture molding, crown and baseboard molding or a chair rail.

If you have a bathroom that just doesn’t seem very special, then consider adding some interest by employing some of the ideas above.  You’ll be surprised when you see the impact that some carefully selected design elements can achieve!

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Design Elements: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Have you ever considered using mirrors in your kitchen?  While adding a mirror to a space to achieve a particular effect is certainly not a new trend in design, it’s one that is often overlooked as a tool in kitchen design.  Adding a mirrored backsplash to your kitchen is a great way to reflect light (or possibly a terrific view), as in this kitchen designed by Fairfield County architects Brooks & Falotico.   Not only does the mirror reflect the light, but it also adds a slightly contemporary flair to the space, and the coolness of the material compliments the warmth of the beautiful wood island.

In this elegant bar, tucked away in a family room designed by Sutro Architects (and photographed by Aaron Leitz Photography), the mirrored backsplash gives the illusion that this small interior space is much larger than it truly is.  If I had a bar like this, I think I would leave the door open, too!

This mirrored kitchen island, photographed by Pia Ulin, certainly makes a design statement!  The tension that is created when the sleek, modern cabinets and mirrored finish on the island are juxtaposed with the more traditional architectural features as seen in the windows and doors and the herringbone floor, makes this kitchen so interesting!

So, whether you choose to make a big impact, such as the one made by this mirrored island, or a small statement with a framed mirror hanging on the wall, why not try to add a mirror to your kitchen to see how it changes the space?

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