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Hwang Bishop Lamp Love


It’s become a running joke now in my family.  They all think I’m crazy.  Well, that’s nothing new.  I am the only female in the house, so it stands to reason that they all would think I’m crazy.  They simply don’t understand.   I have a thing for beautiful lamps.

A few weeks ago my mom came to visit from Rhode Island and brought a huge box for me.  I had been waiting for weeks for its arrival and it was finally here.  It was my first Hwang Bishop lamp and I was so excited to see how it had turned out.

This summer I was fortunate enough to have a personal tour of the Hwang Bishop factory in Warren, RI.  A close family friend, who is related to owner Felicia Hwang Bishop, kindly brought me along for an inside look at how the lamps are made.  The only other time I have been this excited for a studio tour was when I first toured the studio of Christopher Spitzmiller, who set the gold standard for beautiful, hand crafted lamps, and who helped me to fully understand the craftsmanship that goes into making such a stunning product.

My visit to Hwang Bishop was great fun, as I got to see all of the beautiful lamp base styles in person.  While these lamps are sold at showrooms such as Shumacher and Niermann Weeks, it was a treat to see them up-close and to understand the process of hand-crafting each lamp to order.  When it came time to make a purchase, it wasn’t easy narrowing down the list of favorites to just one.  After much deliberation, I decided to buy the Honey lamp for its unusual shape.  And while I didn’t step out of my box and select from one of the many stunning colors available, I am so pleased with the creamy-colored crackle finish that I did select.  It coordinates perfectly with the rest of my dining room.  I suspect that this pretty Hwang Bishop lamp won’t be my last!

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