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I Think I Might Become a Minimalist


I think I might become a minimalist.  I grew-up in a home with a mother who couldn’t part with anything meaningful, and a father who wanted to remove anything unnecessary that simply wasn’t nailed down.  I fall somewhere in between.  I now have a house of my own where I live with my husband and four sons — not one of whom is a minimalist.  In fact, it seems as though they are all collectors of sorts, but do they hold onto things for sentimental reasons, or are they simply too lazy to purge the things they no longer use?

This week my house is particularly disorganized and I am trying desperately to restore some order.  I have one son who just came home from school and dumped the entire contents of his dorm room on the floor of the front hall — too heavy a load to carry up to his bedroom?  I just don’t know.  At the same time, my youngest son is about to leave for a month of camp, so his belongings are in piles all over his room getting ready to be packed and shipped.  My usual staging area for these things is the guest room, but it’s simply too small to store both boys’ belongings at the same time in an organized fashion.

So, while scanning the pages of Adore Home Magazine online, I came across this beautiful kitchen with its sleek marble countertops and backsplash, white cabinets and chrome and stainless accents.  This clean, utterly grown-up space makes me want to be a minimalist!  There’s just something about this kitchen that makes me want to hire a dumpster and start weeding out all of the unnecessary things that have been gathered during the fifteen years that we’ve lived here.  Perhaps if I tape this photo to my fridge it will motivate me by acting as a constant reminder to clean out so that I can restore some order to this chaos.


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