SieMatic — so sleek!

On a trip to pick up my son at school, I decided to stop at a cabinet showroom that I have passed many times along the way.  In addition to their own custom cabinet line,  they carried several styles of cabinets from other manufacturers, one of which was SieMatic.  The SieMatic kitchen was a new addition to the showroom floor, and as such, its installation was not yet complete.  The saleswoman assisting me was clearly excited to show me the new cabinet line, as it was completely different from anything else on the showroom floor.  I was instantly drawn to the clean lines of the cabinets, the sleek hardware and the whisper-quiet doors and drawers.  I was amazed at how many color options they offered  — 1,950 mat and gloss lacquer colors in all!  Full disclosure:  I didn’t know much at all about this German cabinet manufacturer, but in their words, they’ve been building “first-class kitchen furniture — and nothing else — since 1929,” so I was intrigued.  The saleswoman gave me SieMatic’s catalog titled “Interior Design for Kitchens,” and inside I found this beautiful kitchen.  The combination of classic and contemporary is exemplified in this kitchen representing their BeauxArts collection.  The refrigerator, for example, is hidden in the collection’s “Chinese Wedding Cabinet.”  And if you look closely, you will notice that the marble backsplash behind the Wolf range has a sliding section which opens to reveal storage shelves, and the microwave is built right into the marble side wall.  Clever indeed.
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