Mudroom + Powder Room = Winning Combo!

I am intrigued by this powder room set-up.  Truthfully, I’m not sure whether to call it a powder room or a mudroom, but I think the designer might be onto something.  Think about it:  having a sink in your mudroom and then a separate water closet is an interesting use of space that allows for a much larger vanity than you would have in a narrow powder room.    With a sink in the mudroom, there’s no need to step into the bathroom to wash your hands when coming in from outside.  The mirror above the sink is perfect not only for when you’re washing-up, but also for a quick check of yourself before running out the door.  And maybe, just maybe, your young kids might actually brush their teeth before leaving for school in the morning if the sink is by the door.  Well, now maybe that’s just wishful thinking.   In any case, it’s fun when a photo makes you think outside of the box and encourages you to change things up a bit!  

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  1. Cathy Osika says:

    Hi Courtney,
    Thanks for the endorsement on this wonderful space. It’s actually a pool changing room. It is located between a kitchen breakfast room (which overlooks the pool) and the screen porch. It also has a separate entrance, so that when the wet little feet of grandkids need to run into the bathroom, they can go around and enter into the house without getting everyone wet and destroying the beautiful wood floor of the kitchen/breakfast area.


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